Lana Groetsch

Lana graduated from The University of Central Florida in 2010 with a degree in Real Estate Business and received her license while still a senior in college. Lana joined KW Orlando and started with her first client three days later. She came into a heavy buyers market and not knowing many people, she went with her instinct and began hosting 3 open houses a week for 6 months. She had her first 3 closings in 90 days and went on to close 52 deals that year, also nabbing “Rookie of the Year” for the region. The following year, she built a team consisting of a business partner, assistant, and two buyers agents; and closed 102 deals in 2011. Year three in the business, Lana realized that her passion was in training, coaching and motivating agents to succeed at their highest potential. Knowledge, standards, ethics, passion, and dedication are valued above all other ideals in Lana’s professional life. Her vision is to provide a high level of accountability, support, customer service, and direction to all of her coaching clients.